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How to make a viral video

Besides the question “How high are corporate video production costs?” another frequently asked question in my business is “How do you make a viral video?”
Then I’ll answer quite honestly: “Please ask Google how it works. And let me know if you have found a recipe! I would be interested too.”

Emotional, extraordinary and tell a story

In a first Google search “viral experts” present tips such as ” Your viral video has to tell a story that’s emotional and extraordinary.”
REALLY !? And just by doing that my clicks go through the ceiling!? Just like that? That sounds too easy to be true. If you, dear reader, can only tell me a personal success story based on these three factors, I will be silent immediately.

But then, on the other hand, there is the faction that says: viral videos are like a bonfire and generate only brief attention. They do not have a long-term measurable positive impact on sales.

Of course, both sides are right. That’s why I always say …

“The most successful virus is the one that infects permanently :)!”

The goal of companies is long term success. So, if your goal is to build a loyal customer base, then what you actually need is a viral video program instead of a viral video.
Online Marketing is comparable to the development of a product: “Before the success, the gods put the sweat!”. And that’s what a particular online species can sing a whole song about – Social Media Influencer.

Influencer show you how viral video marketing really works

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If you want to be successful in viral video marketing, you need to invest a lot of time and thoughts first.

The example of successful social media influencers makes it easy to understand what it means to be successful online.
Of course, most influencers tell stories – very emotional, personal and therefore unique. But the factor that makes them successful is the sheer volume of interesting content they produce for their audiences.
The content strategy of influencers is, therefore, the complete opposite of a viral video: it is designed for longevity and constant play.

Of course, the amount of content you should produce depends on the amount of “fans” you want to create – but: “No diligence, no price.” And therefore here are…

Four questions you should ask yourself before you start your viral video marketing

Before you start your video production ask yourself:

  1. What is your topic and who cares what you have to say about it? Try to narrow down as precisely as possible who your target audience is. Find your thematic niche – and when I speak of niche, I mean your niche, in which you are almost the only professional.
  2. Is this the topic you care so much about, that you want to tell the whole world and your customers about even in three years?
  3. What is your goal? What is the key to measuring your success? Youtube subscribers? Clicks per video? Or maybe sold products? Set yourself a goal that is measurable!
  4. How many resources do you have to reach that goal? Is there a budget? Or people who help you? How much time do you have to invest in your online marketing?

That sounds very serious now, but don’t worry: once you have found your topic, your niche, and your target group, everything will fall into place (almost) automatically.

Instead of “viral video” let’s think “viral video program”


Do something great and do it with passion – that’s the key to success in viral video marketing.

If you’ve answered the above questions, now it should be clear which one is your topic.
Of course, the development of a viral program is also about storytelling. Successful corporate video storytelling follows certain rules.

Now the challenge is:

  1. Finding the right sub-topic for each episode of your viral video program. It tells a story about a sub-aspect of your overall-topic on which you want to focus on for this episode.
  2. Then apply the rules of video storytelling to this aspect.

Content is King and Distribution is Queen

Now you now know all about the content you want to serve your target audience. But instead of going into actual video production right away, you should spend some more thoughts on distribution first. Because the most beautiful content is worth nothing if nobody sees it.

Very important: optimize your content so it will be delivered to your target audience and gets attention.
No matter which channels you’re focusing your distribution on, pay attention to the following so that your videos will be seen:

  1. LANDING PAGE: this can be a sub-site on your business website with more info about your products and services.
  2. SEO: make sure your video is working for SEO and is fully optimized. How do you do that? Upload your video to your landing/blog page, and make sure you use the keywords within the video within your URL, meta description, and throughout the post.
  3. POST: use hashtags, post at the most advantageous time, pay for pre-roll ads on YouTube, and get people excited about your video launch.
  4. SHARE: Once you have a landing page up and running smoothly, you can start to share it across your social accounts to gain traction.
  5. For reaching the next level, I’d rather seek the help of influencers who can really push your video forward to a larger audience.
  6. And finally, contact media/publishing sites and post it in forums so that you can get a large audience on board.

See, what did I say: “No diligence no price!”

The three rules of online marketing success: consistency, consistency, consistency

If you keep these points consistent for some amount of time, then the first fans will arrive, the so-called innovators. And so Google will soon realize that you are a serious player in the field of relevant and interesting content.

It will boost your Google ranking, which in turn will increase the awareness of early adopters.

If you have reached this point, which the Law of Diffusion of Innovation calls the “tipping point”, then you’ll not only have online marketing but viral marketing, With only one viral video the chances of getting to that tipping point is close to zero.

Viral Video - Diffusion of Innovation

If you have paid close attention, then you may have noticed that we have not discussed one topic yet …

How to make a viral video with the support of our Online Masterclass “Smart Video”

Now you certainly think: “Oh, so much effort already. And now also producing videos for a whole series! This is beyond my budget!”. But I can calm you down.

We have developed an Online Masterclass that will help you and your team to produce your marketing videos very professionally and with very simple technical means. In our Online Masterclass “Smart Video” we support you in…

  • finding the right and budget-saving equipment you need
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  • what you have to consider when setting up camera and sound
  • how to edit your video material into a professional marketing video

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