Professional Video Equipment

Professional video equipment that you DON’T need

The more expensive the camera, the better the movie. The more professional video equipment you use, the higher the quality of your images, right?

If you think of a professional video production you probably imagine huge camera equipment, trucks full of gear and dozens of people.

But do you really need all of THAT?

I say NO! And will show you how you can easily create professional videos with a lot less.

Professional video equipment

Professional Video Equipment - Media Maker Academy

A professional film set

In a big video or film production, there are several so-called departments, each with different tasks. But you can master any of these tasks on your own as well. And with very simple means:

1. Camera

A cameraman’s or DOP’s toolbox does not only include the camera itself, but also various lenses, tripods, batterie packs, a steadycam and a data backup system.

He has an extensive team to operate all of that gear. Instead of being distracted by all the technical stuff, the DOP can focus on the most important task: choreographing and framing shots.

And that’s exactly what the reduction in technology is all about. The less equipment you use, the less distracted you are from the essentials!

My iPhone, for example, has excellent picture quality, two different lenses, image stabilization, and 4K resolution. And the data? All stored as a backup copy in the cloud. That gives me the freedom to shoot high-end videos without all the additional equipment and crew.

Speaking about camera quality: can you tell any difference?

The product image on the left is shot with a $2000 camera with interchangeable lenses. The right one I took with my iPhone.

So the only camera you need is already in your pocket. Don’t let huge gear distract you from what you should really focus on: beautiful images.

2. Light

On a professional video production the Chief Lighting Technician or Gaffer works closely together with the cameraman. He determines how the image is to be illuminated and guides the lighting crew, who sets up all the lighting equipment.

Instead of dragging expensive studio lights across the video set, you should check for available light. Where does the daylight come from? And how can you use it for a beautiful image?

In the following example, you will see a portrait that has been lavishly lit and one that simply uses daylight.

Tab or mouse over for reveal.

As you can see you can save yourself all the expensive equipment and still have a well-lit image.

3. Audio

In a video, sound is as important as the picture. This can be illustrated by a little mind game:

Imagine you’re watching a movie and the picture suddenly disappears during a dialogue scene for five seconds. Thanks to the sound, you’ll still be able to follow the plot without any problems. But now imagine the sound disappears instead and you only can see the picture. As long as you are not a lip reader, the content of the conversation will forever be a mystery to you.

Professional Video Equipment - Microphone

There are some good and inexpensive microphones for smartphones.

That’s why professional video productions put a lot of effort into getting the best audio possible on set. The whole shooting day a sound engineer is sitting behind a mixer, adjusting the recorded sound properly. And his assistant sets up dozens of microphones or shakes while holding a large microphone pole across the set to follow the actors.

However, my iPhone automatically adjusts the sound. And there is a huge variety of affordable microphones for different shooting requirements.

So now we’ve reduced a whole production team and all the professional video equipment. The only ones left is you, your smartphone and a microphone.

4. Director

The director is the creative head of a movie or video production. He’s in charge and all departments support his vision.

But as a one-man-production-crew you are the one that brings your ideas to life. You’re in control of everything and can implement your own creative vision.

The best thing about this type of production: you’re not depending on outside help and can really make your ideas a one-to-one reality.

What you really need to create a professional video

If you want to produce a high-end video yourself, the first and most important thing is to develop your vision of the final product.

A good idea and a winning personality in front of the camera are a thousand times more important than the price tag on your equipment.

As you’ve seen, a few devices are enough to produce high-end video films. If you follow a few simple rules of image composition, you’ll be able to start your own video production today.

Want a step by step guide on how to make really great videos without professional video equipment?

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