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Small Business Video – affordable and easy

Did you know that Google classifies your business website as more valuable if you show high-quality videos of your business? Perhaps you do know that having a video produced professionally is an expensive undertaking? And you have too little experience to simply make your own small business video yourself?

What would you say if we teach you how to start your video marketing today by recording your first small business video yourself using a tool you’re already have?

Take 6 minutes to read our blog post and produce your first video today. If you pay attention to our seven video tricks, your first business video will be really awesome – and your Google ranking will say “Thank you!”.

Your small business video benefits from a personal approach

Everyday before breakfast I have two rituals: walking the dog and getting a croissant at Isabella’s Bakery. It’s by far the best bakery in town – and Isabella the most courteous woman I know.

Yesterday she proudly showed me her new website on her smartphone. Wonderfully designed with love, and complete with pictures of the most beautiful baked goods.
“Fantastic,” I said “I can really smell the delicious buns just by looking at the pictures“.

“Great!”, I said. Isabella beamed.
“But where are you?” I asked.
“What do you mean?” Isabella asked.
“Oh well. The bakery carries your name. You stand behind the counter. You greet each guest personally. Shouldn’t you also welcome your visitors of your website? ”

Isabella hadn’t thought of that idea yet.

“Yes, you’re probably right,” she said thoughtfully. “But how shall I do that? I hardly can say ‘welcome’ on my website, can I,“ she laughed.
“Yes you can!” I replied. “Make a short video and greet your visitors, just as you would in the shop.”
“Me?“, Isabella asked. “Even if I’m proud enough to step in front of a camera, I don’t have a camera myself. And goodness knows, I can’t afford to hire a cameraman either.”

I pointed at her smartphone and nodded: “You already have everything you need.”

Make small business videos yourself with the smart production studio in your pocket

This was my chance to finally give Isabella something back.

Google loves high-quality videos. And it rewards you with rating your website as more relevant. And that will result in a higher Google ranking of your website. But in order to reach the Google quality standard, you just need you and your smartphone.”

Isabella was really curious now.
I looked around: “Come, let’s give it a try! ”
“Now !?”, she nervously inqired.
“Yes, I’ll show you how to shoot a smart movie for your customers with your smartphone. After that you’ll know how to do it by yourself.”
“But with baking and serving customers, I don’t have enought time”
“Don’t worry. I’ll show you some simple tricks, and in a few minutes you will be welcoming your customers personally on your website.”

1. The right background – let pictures speak

Small Business Video - Media Maker Academy

Very important: Small Business Video Marketing works when you let pictures speak. So find the background that describes your business the best.

I could feel how unsure but excited Isabella was.
“We want to let pictures speak. Even before you speak, the viewer must recognize what your business is about. So we choose a suitable background. Watch this“, and I pointed to the shelf of delectable-looking loaves. “Perfect!”, I said, and Isabella nodded approvingly.

2. Place the camera firmly instead of holding it in your hand

“Grab your smartphone and set it up to selfie video mode. Then position it so that the bread shelf fills the picture.” Isabella understood quickly. She grabbed a candy jar, put it on the counter and leaned her smartphone against it.

“Exactly! If you do not have a tripod, then look for a place where the camera can stand or lean and be stable. You shouldn’t record your video with your smartphone in your outstretched hand. It’ll always look shaky and unprofessional. Plus: the perspective doesn’t not make you look good”, I said.

Isabella chuckled, pulling the baker’s cap off her head and arranging her hair.

3. Set yourself up in the picture – the “⅓ third – ⅔ third rule”

“Alright, now it’s your turn. Make sure your head is positioned in the upper third of the frame. So the picture is balanced. This is called ‘The Golden Ratio’.”

Isabella stepped in front of the bread shelf, but her head appeared only in the middle of the image. The framing, the part of the picture the camera can see, was set too high.
“But I probably shouldn’t change the framing, right?” I nodded in agreement.
“Okay, then…”, she looked around, grabbed a small footstool, placed it in front of the shelf and jumped on it. Perfect: her head was exactly in the upper third of the frame.

4. The authentic approach: your camera is like a good friend

Small Business Video - Media Maker Academy

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in Portrait or Landscape format: looking into the camera, your head should always appear in the upper third of the framing.

“What should I be saying now?”. Isabella was getting more and more nervous.
“Quite simply: greet your guests as you always greet me in the morning.”
“Easy for you to say. I can’t just say ‘Hello.’ ”
“Sure you can! Just like that.”, I encouraged her.

” ‘Small Business Video’ sounds so highly official. But actually, it’s about nothing more than giving your future guests a short and personal feeling of you and your business.”, I said. “And most importantly: do not recite like you’ve planned and memorized what you are going to say. Try to be relaxed and natural.”

Isabella listened attentively: “So the key is authenticity?”
“Right! And short and crisp.” I was thrilled she had gotten it.

5. Talk calmly and with a smile – and if you are uncertain, just crab one of your products

“And to make you look more confident…”, I filled a basket with lots of goodies and handed it to Isabella, “…present your products in the video at the same time.”
Isabella looked at the camera with an overly serious expression.
“Now your adorable smile, please, and we’ll have a perfect video.”

Isabella grinned a little shyly, but with pleasure.
“If I hit the start button, wait a second before you begin. Good luck!”
Isabella nodded and I started the camera.

“Good Day and welcome to Isabella’s Bakery! I am very glad you’re visiting our website. What can we do for you today? A buttery croissant, a rustic rye bread or maybe a refreshing piece of cake? Feel free to have a look around! And enjoy all of our fresh bakery products”- Isabella continued to smile.

I stopped the camera and applauded.
“Perfect, just perfect, Isabella!”
“I’m so pleased for you!”
“But I was so nervous?”
“You didn’t look nervous though. You could try it again, if you like, but it was perfect just the way you did it!”
” Alright, you’re the pro! ”

6. And now a little processing – and your first small business video is ready to go

“Your camera app offers you different filters and processing options. Here…”, I tapped the a different filter. “I like the ‘radiant warm’ filter in combination with a little more depth of field blur so your store will appear friendly, warm and inviting.”, I suggested.

“What is a ‘Depth of Field’?”, Isabella wondered. I giggled “Sorry, filmmaker language. With narrowing the Depth of Field, the space between you and the background behind you, you give the picture more depth and a more professional touch.”

Isabella was surprised.
“Using these tools your small business video will easily look even more more professional and amazing.”, I said.
Isabella played around with the filters, turning the depth of field a bit. And in the blink of an eye she held her first self-produced video in her hands. She smiled.
I was excited. “Now we can quickly upload the video to your website and you’re ready to go!”

7. Embed your first small business video on your website – preferably via Youtube

“Every website backend has the option of embedding a video. It’s pretty easy to do: upload your video to Youtube, copy the embedding code and paste it into the backend of your website. And swoosh: there you go.”

It’s that easy

Isabella’s sweet smile now welcomed her customers to her bakery’s website. It was that easy.

“And, it wasn’t that complicated, was it? “, I asked.
“Not at all!”, Isabella said enthusiastically.
“You’ve taken your first step towards making a professional marketing” I encouraged.

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Small Business Video - Media Maker Academy

Small Business Video Marketing is a powerful tool to get recognized by Google. Just upload your video at and embed it into your website.

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