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Why video marketing is essential for your business

Did you ever ask yourself: “How the hell can I make new customers aware of my products and keep them coming back buying again and again?” You already started online marketing, but the numbers aren’t that great? But of course, you want your customer’s trust and business? Have you ever heard of “Video Marketing”?

Video marketing is the lever to give your online marketing the right spin

Did you ever see sponsored videos of a competitor popping up in your social media feeds? See, that is video marketing!
Have you gotten any email newsletters with videos lately? Video marketing again!
And what about those videos in blog posts or on your competition’s websites? Yep, that’s video marketing also!

8 reasons why video marketing will delight your customers and make your online marketing successful

1. Conversions and sales increase with video marketing

Let’s start with the best thing first: videos can earn you real money. By adding a product video on your product’s website you can increase conversions by 80%. And the smooth thing is: videos work well regardless of the product type.

Video Marketing Sales - Media Maker Academy

Ecommerce Conversion Rate in Video Marketing is growing across all business lines

And as if that was not enough: a video can lead directly to sales. Studies show that 74% of users watching a product video made a purchase afterwards.

2. Video shows great return of investment

And it’s getting even more exciting: 83% of businesses state that video produces a good return of investment. It pays off big time, even though a video production needs a solid budget. Besides, there are several ways to downsize this budget. Because even your smartphone can make pretty decent videos already – if you know how to use it right:

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Video marketing has a significant return on investment even though the production costs are higher.

3. Videos do not have to be perfect

That’s quite good news. Because the quality issue is a big one for most of our business clients. However, more important than the video quality is the quality of content. Content is king – as research shows: if the product or the service provided is not explained clearly enough, customers turn off sooner.

On the other side: poor aesthetics or low quality did not matter nearly as much.
Surprised? Then you will be even more surprised when we introduce you to the fascinating influence video has on the perception of your customers.

4. Your brain processes an image of a product 60,000 times faster than the description of it

Pictures need one step less to be processed by the brain.
When you read, you see words. Your brain connects these words with meaning.
From this meaning emerges a picture that your brain can interpret and link to a particular emotion.

An image you see, on the other hand, is an immediate visual stimulus that is interpreted directly.
In the processing chain an image needs less time than a word and therefore produces a specific emotion much faster.

So if pictures can boost engagement massively, imagine what moving pictures can do to your business.

Why Video Marketing works

Video Marketing is a powerful tool that uses biological pre-conditions for your business success.

5. Google loves professional video content

When you embed video marketing content on your business website or your social media profile, you will recognize an immediate increase of time spent by customers on your site.

A longer exposure signals search engines that you provide good and relevant content.
Ergo: your Google ranking goes up.

Statistics prove: with interesting video content embedded on your website it’s 53 times more likely to show up first on Google. And since YouTube is owned by Google, there has been a significant shift of focus on how much videos affect your search engine rank.

6. Video marketing builds trust

These days, content marketing is all about building trust. And video does exactly that: building trust.

Video content engages us and ignites emotions. And when the content ignites emotions people start talking about it, share it and spread the word – and your video marketing takes off.

So if you want to play a big role in content marketing, take video seriously too.

When buying online, trust is the key to customer success. A successful marketing video presents your product in a friendly and informal way. That sense of individuality is why 57% of consumers state that videos gave them more credence to purchase a particular product online.

7. Mobile users love video content

Mobile and video go hand in hand. Starting in Q3 / 2013, mobile video views added more than 233 percent! A YouTube report shows: the consumption of video content rises 100% every year

Video Marketing - Mobile Views - Media Maker Academy

Watching video on mobile devices is a constantly growing trend – not only of youngsters.

And as the number of smartphones increases, so does your product video audience.

The growth of mobile video also means businesses need to be ready to provide content for people on their smartphones.
When we’re talking about smartphone users, we’re also talking about a particular target audience with high customer potential: Generation Z.

May we introduce to you: Generation Z, known as “The Swipe Generation”

8. Generation Z grew up watching videos on mobile devices

You want Generation Z to become your future customers? Then video has to be your number one priority for a successful content marketing.
Generation Z has an extremely low attention span. If there is not a single moving image on your product landing page, GenZ will be * swipe * and gone.

And if you don’t believe a single word of what you just read, check yourself:
Go to your Facebook account. Scroll down your timeline. Which content caught your attention first: text or picture?

See :)!

So better start producing your own product videos now! But how?

That’s where our Online Masterclass “Smart Video” will support you. We provide all the technical and content knowledge you need, to start your video marketing today and boost the customer experience of your business to the next level.

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