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Real good corporate video storytelling – because words don’t rock

Corporate video storytelling -- an executive summary:

You already heard, that everyone is talking about how every company needs a story to tell to its customers. And how you can bring this story to life with corporate video storytelling to boost your online marketing. But you don’t even have the slightest idea of how to express “your company’s story”?

Some businesses hire creative agencies to develop their story for them.
Others bring in a marketing consultant to develop their story with them.

And here you realize both options are pretty expensive.
However, since you know your business best, wouldn’t you be the number-one to tell the company’s story? And wouldn’t that even be a more sustainable way, to do it yourself? If only you had the right tools to know how to tell stories!

And that’s where this article brings in a solution.
We enable you and your team to be creative yourself by showing you:

  1. How to develop your company’s story yourself.
  2. How to bring your story to life with the right pictures.
  3. And how you take your online marketing to the next level today. By creating your first video storytelling clip yourself with the support of our online masterclass “Smart Video”

Have fun!

How to develop your own company story and built the foundation for successful video storytelling

My ears are bleeding when I hear agency advisor phrases like
“Our storytelling is an effective and powerful tool that builds a close customer/brand relationship for you.”
“We’ll develop an awesome story for you, to tell your target audience?”
“If you align your sales with our storytelling strategy sky will be the only limit for your market share!”

There is hardly a word that has achieved higher buzzword bullshit bingo potential over the past decade than storytelling.

Stop creating stories -- be the story!

Creative agencies set up a mega-creative “storytelling machinery” that “creates” one story after the other, then tailor them as your “awesome corporate story” in a “workshop approach”.

In the end, you are sitting there and “your story” somehow feels off-the-peg.
But by then you already have spent lots of money! But for what again?

For a chic strategy pamphlet in which uses the eternally yawning boring story phrase alphabet from “A” as in agility, passing “S” as in sustainability up to “Z” as in Generation Z.

If you have a lot of your budget left and need your story the next day, okay, hire an agency.

If not: why not give it a try yourself?

Because it can be so easy to find the story of your company yourself.

5 steps to find your own company story

Step No. 1 -- What is your aspiration?

First, ask yourself: what is your aspiration as a business owner?
Earning money? Okay, everyone has to, right?

But what I mean is, why do you get up early to serve your customers?
What is the goal of your enterprise? The cause? Why does your company even exist?
Or as Simon Sinek describes it: What is your WHY?

My motivation is to inspire people and empower them to see the ordinary with different eyes. If you like, I’m glad to encourage people to think around the corner.

Video Storytelling - Media Maker Academy

Step No. 2: Who is your story’s hero the audience can relate to?

Are you the main character of your story?
Because you have turned your childhood hobby into a flourishing career?

Or is it the neighbor whose problem you were able to solve?
And it dawned on you when she said “THANK YOU!” with a big smile.
Because you knew at this very moment: You can solve this problem for other people in the world too!

No matter who becomes your story’s hero, choose one that the audience can follow and relate to.

Step No. 3: Where does your story play?

Do you act domestically or internationally?
Are you online or in close personal contact?
What is the biosphere in which your customers are operating?

Step No. 4: Who or what is the antagonist?

In other words, what is the problem that you solve with your company?

Think back to the moment of realization when you knew that many have this problem.
And I have a solution!

Step No. 5: Bring it all together.

Okay, I’ll admit, this is the hardest part.
How to find the right dramaturgy for your story is shown here.

If the story can be retold by people right away than: Congratulations!
Because you’ve just created your company story: personally, emotionally and entirely out of your pen.

Let your story become reality -- with stunning pictures


Because a story text is a good start, but it should not stay that way.
For pictures say more than a thousand words and in times of Instagram, Smartphone & Co. long texts are no longer en vogue.

Especially video storytelling will delight your customers.
How does it work? Quite easy…

Building a stunning corporate video storytelling slideshow

You have a presentation tomorrow and you want to impress your clients with a short, entertaining film? But you do not have any resources for someone to produce it for you? Then maybe a story slideshow can be very convenient.

Apple’s Photos or iMovie are perfect easy-to-use tools for creating a professional-looking animated slideshow in minutes.

Follow these steps to your first stunning video storytelling slideshow:

Step 1: Read your company story out loud and at a comfortable pace until you’ve internalized it. You should get to the point where you tell it more than you read it.

Attention: In spoken words the text should be no longer than 45-60 seconds --
you want to entertain your audience short and crisp and not bore them.

Step 2: Start the audio recording app on your smartphone and start telling the story.
Tell it, as if you’d tell it to a good friend.

Step 3: Put together a selection of matching pictures and videos that will give a good picture of your story.
Excellent resources for finding pictures and videos for free are Unsplash or Pixabay for example.

Step 4: Find a piece of suitable music.
Not some elevator music, but a song that tells something about you and your company.

Step 5: Now just load everything into your software, set the correct order and speed of the images, select an animation template and export.

Congratulations: you brought your story to life.

How to take your online marketing to the next level in a sustainable way

Video Storytelling - Media Maker AcademyYour goal as a marketer should be to boost your online marketing not only long-lasting but also in a cutting-edge fashion. In times of Instagram, Facebook & Co. you don’t need cinema-like content. It’s more important to spend time on an outstanding story and less budget on high-fly expensive video equipment and dozens of talents to operate it.

And that’s were our online masterclass “Smart Video” is your sustainable solution.

We enable your team to produce corporate video storytelling for your online marketing and in doing so, boost your Google ranking.
And you don’t even need expensive equipment to produce your first business video yourself.

For example with a documentary approach, you tell your story to your customer -- personally, authentically and directly.
This instantly builds trust and shows your customers “that’s what I stand for with my name”.

To give your self-produced business marketing videos a professional look and feel, we developed the online master class “Smart Video”.
Here you’ll find important answers to the questions:

  • which video equipment you need and don’t need
  • what technical set-ups you have to pay attention to so the final film product looks really good
  • how you edit right inside your mobile device
  • and how to use fancy filters to give your film the finishing touch

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